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Why Capsules?

Bad Taste

We are all familiar with the idea that the worst the taste the better it is for your health, well, spirulina really does this idea justice.  There are many health enthusiasts that we have seen struggle trying to "hide" the taste of spirulina by mixing it with strong flavoured fruits like blueberry, which is a great idea yes, but you don't really need to do that.  With our 100% veggie capsules (which are way easier to digest than traditional capsules) you don't have to worry about their taste.  And not only that, spirulina has a really strong fishy smell, well the capsules solve that problem too.  So by avoiding the bad taste and smell of spirulina you can enjoy your perfect diet with the flavours that you know and love.

Perfect Doses for On-the-go.

But not only that, with perfectly measured doses you don't have to worry about your diet not having enough nutrients or minerals.  With capsules you know exactly how much you are getting as you can plan it according to your needs.  And you can skip all the restricted times when you are not in the office or in school, you can just take your capsules anywhere you need to go and don't worry about not getting the nutrients that you need.  Goodbye to the restricted breakfast and lunch times from your already full schedule.


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