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Spirulina: a Vegan Source of Protein


"Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master". - Albert Einstein.

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Master your strength

At EsseNatura we want you to be a master of your strength.

To achieve this, we want to explain to you how your body reacts to the foods that you consume.

We’re all familiar with consuming a lot of protein after a workout. Proteins take a very important role in your living organism in many different ways, and your body is really smart when it comes to prioritizing the use of proteins when you consume them.  This is why you need to be able to master your consumption of proteins in order to master your body, your strenght.


When you consume protein (through the food that you eat), like everything else that you consume, you have to digest it.  During the process of digestion, proteins get broken down into amino acids to then form “new proteins” that your body will use for its own needs.  After a workout, for example, your body will choose to recover the muscle that you previously utilized during your workout.

amino acids to proteins

So to break it down, when you workout, you are using the specific muscles that you want to work on.  To actually build those muscles, you will need to “recover” them from that intense workout, and the only way to recover them is by letting your body send structural proteins to those muscles.  


You might ask yourself why we talk about protein so much when we don’t actually offer you the traditional whey protein that everyone talks about.

Let us introduce to you the superfood that some people call “the magic algae”: spirulina.

Esse Spirulina as the Best Natural Source of Protein 

Spirulina is quite simply put, the world’s oldest "superfood".  NASA proved that 1 kg of spirulina has the same amount of nutrients as 1000 kgs of assorted veggies.  The little spiral algae that the United Nations identifies as the “food of the future”.  Spirulina provides all 10 essential amino acids, and a total of 21 amino acids. This makes spirulina not only a great food for high quality diets, but also an outstanding natural source of protein for your workout routines.

Esse Spirulina

Spirulina is 65% protein, from which 40% ends up becoming useful protein after digestion.  This number is higher than any other natural source of protein available.  Just to throw a few examples, dried skim milk is 33% of useful protein after digestion.  Beef muscles are only 22% useful protein after digestion.  We could go on and on…

table on Spirulina protein





Immediate and prolonged energy

The cell surface molecules of Spirulina consists of glycogen, which provides an immediate and prolonged energy source.  This is very rare in any type of algae.  This also means that Spirulina is good for even before workout if you prefer to use the benefits of the glycogen.  Some people say they can’t sleep after they take spirulina at night!



Break it down

To really make great use of this protein, we developed a truly amazing enzymatic cocktail for you.  As you know now, the process of digestion becomes ESSENTIAL when trying to make good use of your proteins, probably a lot more essential than you imagined before.  This is why here at EsseNatura, we looked for enzymes that are most similar to the one in your body (pepsine) to give you a hand when breaking all the proteins into amino acids, so that in return, you can build as much muscle as possible.  

Exotic Enzymatic Cocktail

With a very tropical touch, “Esse Digest” is a combination of papaya and pineapple, which contain papain and bromelain; two powerful enzymes that make your digestive system a state-of-the-art power house of digestion, really…

What better way to master your body than by using the strength of nature and making it your own?

Can you master your own strength…

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