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Papain Benefits

Papain contains ingredients that act as digestive enzymes when consumed and become the most active in the intestines and within the pancreas.

Pepsin, the digestive enzyme that is produced in our stomach, requires a medium level of acidity to be activated for protein digestion. This medium acidity level requires an output of hydrochloric acid that is insufficient in many of us, especially as we age.

What makes papain very special is that it does not need a level of acidity or alkalinity within the body, in other words, it does not require hdrochloric acid to function, this makes papain the best supplement for digestion problems for many people allowing protein to properly break down even if the acidity in the stomach is not at the perfect level for pepsin production.

Papain also contains other benefits on its own, like:


 Boosts Digestion 

Great protein-digestive properties, has an enzymatic support for the intestines, stomach and the pancreas.



Papain hold compounds that aid in protecting the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals.



Helps with the reduction of swelling or inflammation in the prostate gland and joint inflammation.


Skin Treatment


Treat various skin irritations, wounds, burns, rashes, bug stings, bed sores and skin ulcers.


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