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Bromelain Benefits

Pineapples are South American natives but already used widely, not only for its delicious tropical flavour, but as a natural remedy to treat a great range of personal conditions from indigestion to allergies!

Pineapple is the home of the amazing protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain, or at least one of the richest sources of bromelain in the world.

Bromelain is mostly concentrated in the core of the pineapple, and some of its best known benefits are:



Bromelain is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling agent. It also helps soothe and relax tense, inflamed muscles and connective tissue. Due to this anti-inflammatory effect, bromelain also helps reduce acute or chronic joint pain.


Bromelain is a potent anti-inflammatory.




It helps digest proteins because it is an enzyme; basically it helps your body digest food and absorb nutrients efficiently. It heals conditions such as constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, dyspersia, Crohn's disease and others. 


Allergies and Sinus Infections

Bromelain helps modulate the entire immune system. It can actually prevent allergies by addressing the root cause, which is a hyperactive, over-sensitive immune system! Also, bromelain has been proven to help with chronic sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses) by reducing the symptoms of irretraceable sinus problems.


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