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​The Unequaled Maldives in 10 Pictures


Maldives is a tiny country in the Indian Ocean that is formed by 1,192 islands. More than 80 percent of the country is composed by coral islands, which makes it the lowest country in the world, all of these islands don’t even reach the 1 meter mark. The United Nations says that Maldives will actually be uninhabitable by 2100 with the current rate of sea level rise, which makes this place even a bigger testimony of the never ending beauty cycle of nature. Here is this magnificent, unequaled place in just 10 pictures:

1. The capital, Male.

In this unique city island live more than half of the population for this country. Within just 5 square km all the major operations of a nation take place.

2. The airport.

You thought you were looking at a marina? Well yeah, but not really. It looks and feels like a marina, except it houses planes. Naturally, in a country where all they know is the ocean and islands, treating an airport like a marine port makes so much sense.

3. Coral Islands

80% of Maldives islands are coral islands, which means they look like this, and are almost perfectly aligned with the sea level.

4. The actual coral reefs.

The dominant population of the Maldives is not humans, it’s fish. Lots and lots of fish. This is the home to over 1,100 species of fish, beautifully arranged by different colours of happy abundant life.

5. The turtles.

There are 5 different species of turtles here and for a good reason. This is their perfect home.

6. The traditional fishing boats.

These used to be the way of living back in the day. Fishing used to be the economy force driving this nation, since the beginning of time until the 1970’s, when tourism took over.

7. The beaches.

And tourism was bound to happen. The Maldives are packed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, making the tourism industry the number 1 source of GDP for the nation, accounting for a massive 28% of total GDP.

8. The number of visitors.

The number of visitors here is astounding compared to the population. There is more visitors here every year than the total population of the whole country. Twice as many, to be exact. 600,000 to 300,000. Crazy.

9. The passageway.

The Maldives, as seen from space, clearly show the passageway from East Indian Ocean to the West side. It is like a perfect road.

10. The magic.

Like straight out of a sci-fi/fantasy movie, a beach in the Maldives show fluorescent blue lights shining in the middle of the night, making it look like Pandora from Avatar. These are plankton. Once again, nature proves that only she can beat James Cameron’s imagination.

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