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The Best Way to Improve Your Digestion

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"Take all that is given whether wealth, love or language, nothing comes by mistake and with good digestion all can be turned to health." - George Herbert


Esse Digest

Here at Esse Natura we want you to be able to enjoy, instead of suffer, one of the biggest pleasures in life: eating. For that, we understand that you need to know and be sure that what you are consuming will not only not harm your health, but actually improve it. We also know that to achieve that you need to make use of the food and nutrients that you eat and transform them into basic components for your body. This process we all know as digestion.


When you eat any food, your body’s primary focus is on the chemical demolition of the molecules that you eat. For your mind, the primary focus will be having a delicious meal. At least that’s what we want you to achieve at Esse Natura.


For example, if you eat wheat bread, your body must separate the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other nutrients that are part of it. Next step in the process is to convert each group into useful units, ie Carbohydrates = Glycogen ; Proteins = Amino acids; ENZYMES make all these transformations possible.


In short, during the digestion process, the enzymes are responsible for transforming the food that you eat into useful units for your body (amino acids, glycogen, smaller fats)

Our product is made from a mixture of enzymes that ensure that everything you eat will be used to its full potential.

Papain and bromelain (coming directly from papaya and pineapple stem) are enzymes dedicated to converting proteins into amino acids. These enzymes will give you greater efficiency to reap the benefits of what you eat, making each protein you consume usable, and of higher quality since you will use each amino acid contained therein.


Furthermore, we added a special ingredient: lactase- this enzyme breaks down lactose during digestion, which in turn will give those with lactose intolerance the opportunity to consume dairy products!


With our enzymatic cocktail, Esse Digest, we can guarantee you an integral and effective digestion for a great balance in your nutritional diet.


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