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Happy New Year Everyone! This year I will write my New Year resolutions in paper, frame them and place it in the kitchen so I can see them everyday!

The MOST difficult thing to keep up with through the year, by far, are New Year Resolutions, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually stick to them? Yes it would, yes it would.

So, here are my New Year Resolutions and I hope you all enjoy reading them!

1. Stop food waste

Do you remember that article I wrote about food waste (link below), I actually do plan to stop wasting food in my household keeping in mind all the harm we cause the environment and ourselves by wasting so much food!

40% wasted food.jpg

2. Eat healthier.

Yes, that’s right, I will make my second resolution one of the most common ones, eat healthier. Apart from eating three times a day, drinking more water, get a balanced diet and stop with the (delicious) junk food, I will try to go 100% vegan, getting my protein intake from sources like Spirulina and in this way, helping our planet!

3. Get in shape!

One of the hardest goals and yet, number one resolution in the world! Getting in shape has an obvious feeling of self satisfaction: if you look good, you feel good and you have accomplished your goal. However, it is not easy to accomplish, it requires a lot of discipline and organization! and specially, it is impossible to get fit without a balanced diet.


4. Recycle more.

Recycling is not only extremely helpful for the planet making us more sustainable and useful for ourselves, by re-using items and saving in money and effort, but it can also be a lot of fun!

Look at all the cool items that were created by recycling old items:

5. Reduce pollution.

Reducing pollution will not only help the environment (which believe me, it will help it quite a lot!) but also all of us living in the same city by reducing traffic and eventually eliminating rush hours. Also, if I walk or bike more I will at the same time be getting in shape without even knowing it! Wouldn’t that just be sweet?


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