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All of us have heard someone tell us before that we need to drink a protein shake after a workout.  We all know the story when we realized that there was no magic trick to building muscle, that the only way is to work hard and then have that famous protein shake.  

But even though we do trust the "professionals", some of us still don't know exactly why protein does help you build muscle.  Well, here is why in a simple explanation and with simple visuals.

When you consume protein (through the food that you eat), like everything else that you consume, you have to digest it. During the process of digestion, proteins get broken down into amino acids to then form “new proteins” that your body will use for its own needs.

After a workout, for example, your body will choose to recover the muscle that you previously utilized during your workout. 

The image below shows a little bit how the process looks in a very accurate way:

So to break it down, when you workout, you are using the specific muscles that you want to work on. To actually build those muscles, you will need to “recover” them from that intense workout, and the only way to recover them is by letting your body send structural proteins to those muscles, by consuming some protein RIGHT AFTER your workout. 


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