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About Us

About Esse Natura

Esse Natura is a team of Nature's enthusiasts that are here to promote the Wonders of Nature.

We offer information about various natural phenomena while also providing Natural Health Products so we can connect with our environment through a healthy lifestyle complemented with green and environmentally sustainable foods. 

Join us in co-living with the natural environment that surrounds YOU! 


Who we are


We are a local growing company that thrives on health and nature. We have discovered through our life time the wonders that nature offers us and have decided that we will not take it for granted, so we decided to start this project!

Our mission is to deliver and maximize nature’s benefits by efficiently integrating its strengths. 

Our vision is to achieve a healthy balance within our planet.


The art of liofilize (freeze-dry)

Lyophylization is a preservation technique that's based on the removal of water from aliments by sublimation, freezing and evaporation (actually, it is also known as freeze-drying).

It is a very effective method for preserving food because the microorganisms that cause food to go bad (and also diseases) need water to develop. The lyophilizationprocess is carried out in freeze-dryers, they are reinforced to withstand pressure variations and consisting of a freezing system and vacuum pump-chambers. Inside these chambers there are trays in which food that will be processed is located. 

Advantages of Liofilization

  • The temperature at which the product is subjected is below that at which many substances undergo chemical changes in consistency, flavour and properties.
  • Due to the low operating temperature the loss of properties of product that is treated is almost none compared to any other method.
  • In the case of food, it has the virtue of take back a high percentage of its original flavour and texture, simply by mixing with water to rehydrate.
  • The risk of microbial contamination is highly reduced.


Dehydrated products are usually part of a heated process where the properties of the active are not 100% conserved, where in a liofilized treatment the properties, flavours and smells are conserved.


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